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At the end of 1948, a completely new car that was not like its predecessors, which could surprise the whole world, entered the automobile arena. The Land Rover automobile company has launched a special SUV into the world – Defender. The hunting SUV Defender Blaser Edition is a bright representative of this family. This car was a real exclusive, because only 60 cars got out of production. The British worked on the project together with the famous Blaser weapon company. The car is characterized by its power, strength and reliability. The salon has a solid skin, the heating system is able to work safely at the lowest temperatures, the seats have become more convenient. This defender is adapted to the most extreme road conditions. It is not frightened by either particularly high or low temperatures, or problem areas of the road, or high speed. The body is made of high -strength material, has several layers, so damaging it is not at all easy. The machine has a weapon storage system, there are several safes for ammunition. The car engine is very quiet and, moreover, almost harmless. Not everyone can buy a defender, its average price in the market is about forty -nine thousand euros. But if you decide to purchase this car, be especially careful. There are a lot of fakes and copies of the defender now, so you need to buy such a car only in official representative offices. Defender in Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg a few largest representative centers.

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