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Car for Pope Roman

by newsgary

By the arrival of the Pope, Benedict XVI to his homeland in Germany, the Mercedes company creates a new car that will have environmentally friendly characteristics in addition to the usual safety and comfort requirements. The car will be all-wheel drive, with a hybrid engine based on a M-Klass SUV. The technical characteristics are known that they are verified to the smallest detail, as if laboratory scales were used to create them. Representatives of the company do not disclose a lot of information for security purposes, but it is known that the hybrid engine will be able to overcome a distance of 30 km. Before you need to use gasoline. A similar engine is not chosen by chance – the power of a simple electric car may not be enough for the machine to quickly accelerate in the event of an attack on the pope. Also to protect the pontiff, bulletproof glasses will be installed on the car. The design of the indoor body of the machine allows you to provide people on the street and Benedict XVI good review. For Mercedes, this is not the first such work-it is a manufacturer for the chiefs of the church since the 80s. Most likely they can be released from the assembly line no earlier than the end of this year. Although the visit of the pope to Germany, which will last only four days, is planned already at the end of the year.

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