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Chevrolet Aveo car in the secondary market

by newsgary

Greetings to you, friends. The theme of today’s post is the Chevrolet Aveo car (2005 – 2011. V.). Although there are many quite expensive foreign cars along the roads of our country, all the same, the vast majority of Russians cannot afford such a luxury. And in the conditions of the current economic crisis, the limit of the dreams of many is an inexpensive and practical car from a group of state employees. And Aveo is suitable for such a role as well as possible.

The first generation of this car in Russia was accepted quite coolly. In our market, he appeared only two years from the moment of release and before that was sold in South Korea under the name Daewoo Kalos. Which caused a lot of jokes and sharpness addressed to him. However, Aveo was not so bad and sharpness at his address calmed down. And when, in 2005, the second generation appeared, the attitude to the car fundamentally changed. He received a completely solid appearance and a rather presentable and modern salon. Of course, Aveo has disadvantages. It would be foolish to believe that a budget car does not have them. Therefore, I will dwell in more detail what to pay attention to when choosing a used car.


“Crickets” in the cabin, the usual business

In car repair workshops, the masters have repeatedly noted that the body of the Chevrolet Aveo car does not differ in particular stiffness. When installing on the lift, there were even moments when the guides to the bottom were mentioned. What is confirmed by the results of crash – tests, evaluations on them in the model are small. At the same time, the metal is well opposed to corrosion and even in the places of chips, there are practically no traces of rust.


1.2 – liter motor is considered more reliable

For Russian consumers, two options for power units were available: a volume of 1.2 liters and a capacity of 84 liters. With. I16 – 1.4 valve volume – 94 liter liters. With. In 2008, 1.4 – a liter engine modernized and it began to issue 101 liters. With. 1.2 – liter engine is considered more reliable. Both motors are adapted to AI – 92, but the quality of fuel can seriously affect their long -live. From weak places – high -voltage wires and ignition coils. You have to change them almost every 60 thousand km. Fortunately, the cost is small, about 2000 rubles. After 100 thousand km, oil leakage through gaskets and seals may occur. So, if the motor under consideration is clearly washed, this is the first sign that they tried to hide the flow. The timing belt must be replaced every 90 thousand km, but in practice, this interval is recommended to reduce to 60 thousand km so as not to run into troubles.


Aveo was equipped with a 5 -step manual transmission and a 4 -range automatic. Moreover, the automatic transmission is considered a more durable. In the manual transmission, there are frequent cases when after 50 thousand run, difficulties begin with the inclusion of the first and second gear, this is the result of wear of the stop -bearing rings of synchronizers. Clutch, as a rule, lasts thousands to 100. Replacing it will cost about 9,000 rubles.

The trunk is quite spacious


In the front, you often have to change the stabilizer racks and silent – blocks. And ball supports serve no more than 70 thousand km. Shock absorbers do not live in the rear, in addition to the strokes of the SPO.

Yes, the Chevrolet Aveo car is certainly not an example of perfection and you can’t call it problematic. But on the other hand, spare parts are not more expensive than Vazovskys on it, and repairs are available even for a poor car owner. So as a workhorse capable of satisfying everyday needs, this is a very good option.

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