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Automobile. Does he need such?.

by newsgary

The number of stories and stories, truthful and not very, about the incidents and incredible cases from the automotive life of our compatriots, does not cease to amaze the imagination. One such, absolutely true story, I want to share with you. I had one good friend of my car. New, big and strong. And the friend was quite pleased with him. Apart from annoying minor malfunctions, engineering bloopers and the characteristics of the national assembly, the car delighted the car, cross -country ability and inexpensive. Up to one, as they say, a beautiful day.

A friend parked, as usual, on the site in front of the house, or rather, in front of the entrance. Alarm, anti -theft and all that (new car!).

Going out in the morning to smoke with a cup of coffee on the balcony of his fourth floor, he, to his horror, did not find cars in the usual place. She was not there. At all. A cup of coffee fell out of the hands and flew down from the fourth floor.

To reality, the ringing and roar returned from somewhere below. Turning his gaze under the balcony, he saw a familiar shiny roof of his beloved car, all in fragments and remnants of coffee.

Telling me this story, my friend could not restrain the bouts of laughter. Although, as it turned out, everything could end much worse.

What happened? At night, most likely due to humidity, the starter of the car. And he is in second gear, leisurely and silently (the alarm did not work!), having drove a couple of tens of meters, buried himself in the wall of the house. And only fortunately at this time there was no one in the way.

I will not call the car brand. I will only say that it was “Patriot”. And the friend soon sold it. And bought a Chinese foreign car. But that is another story.

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