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Auto Mini Countryman will enter the market at the end of the year.

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The first official images of the Mini Countryman car appeared in Western publications immediately after the distribution of the British autocompassion of the video tieiser dedicated to this crossover. The world’s debut will take place in a month and a half and scheduled for the International Automobile Exhibition in Geneva.

The images show a crossover in the “S” version with a black wheeled wheels and a black roof painted black. The “S” has a new ALL4 all -wheel drive system designed by BMW specifically for use on compact cars.

Earlier it was assumed that Countryman will be performed in the design of the Beachber concept, but the serial modification received a different radiator grille and a new front bumper. Two models are similar only to the shape of the front headlights and the fog lights installed in one place. The Mini Countryman crossover will be available with a number of 1.6-liter power units, including atmospheric engine, an option with a turbocharger and with double boost.

In addition to the version with all -wheel drive, the British company expects to establish the production of models with the drive only to the front axle. In the European dealer network, the Mini Countryman car will be available by the end of 2010. Its cost starts with 25 thousand euros. The surcharge for the “S” set will be another four thousand euros.

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