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Choosing a site for construction

by newsgary

If you have been dreaming of a summer cottage for a long time, then first of all you need to choose and purchase a land plot for building a house. To do this, use our tips. First of all, you should find out about geopathogenic zones, so as not to purchase a site there. Because the energy of such zones negatively affects humans. The energy purity of the land can be determined by the state of the soil. If homogeneous grass grows on the ground, then this zone is clean. An ideal plot for building a cottage will be a plot in the steppe. Geopathogenic zones can be determined without expensive equipment. To do this, you need two aluminum wires that need to be bent at right angles. Bend them to the ground and keep them parallel to each other. If the wires are crossed, it means that underground water flows underground, which indicates the presence of a geopathogenic zone.

If the construction of industrial facilities is carried out, then it is also necessary to very carefully choose the site. At the same time, you will need the industrial settings of the reverse osmosis, which can be ordered from the manufacturer. Such devices are used to demineralize water, as well as to cleanse it. Therefore, enterprises of the pharmaceutical, electronic, food industry cannot do without such attitudes.

When choosing a site for the construction of a summer residence, it is necessary to determine how developed the infrastructure. That is, to determine the presence of sewage, water, power supply, gas, road surface. When choosing a site, determine how clean it is from an environmental point of view.

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