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Choose a lock for a metal door.

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The door lock is always the most vulnerable place. Modern firms manufacturers who make high -quality metal doors granite quite well protect the locations of the locks, thereby making access to the unwanted guest. The poor -quality castle can present the owner with a lot of trouble, since when a breakdown in the deaf doors, you will have to cut metal, while destroying a very expensive door.

Based on this, we advise you not to save unknown Kalymshchikov on the operation of anyone. Contact the service for the company that stands out among other quality products. Please note that the company you have chosen must provide warranty service, as well as repairing its products in case of breakdown.

Secondly, the entrance metal door should be equipped with at least two locks: a crazy and two or three-way lock of increased secrecy, which protrudes two vertical bolts and 3 or 4 horizontal. The classic mortise castle serves as an additional protection of the metal door, and also with need fixes it in a locked state using a latch. Also, the metal door should be equipped with an ordinary manual latch, which is opened and covered from the inside of the apartment.

The lock can open and close with a key, or without a key using a special code. Regardless of the selected type of lock, it must correspond to one of the 4 main classes of the door reliability. To date, the market offers a rich assortment of castles of both domestic and foreign production. If we talk about foreign locks, then the only drawback can only be considered their greater cost. At the same time, our market has a considerable number of domestic castles with the technology of horizontal-vertical mechanics, which are quite on equal quality, reliability and design with imported samples, and also cost several times cheaper than a foreign analogue.

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