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The choice of a driving school

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December 27, 2011 | 16:35

Now in almost every area of ​​any city there is a driving school, so it remains only to decide what attracts you to this or that offer: the availability of prices, the professionalism of teachers, or a good fleet. If you seriously approach the selection process, then do not focus only on the price, especially since the pricing policy within the same city does not differ too much. The main thing to pay attention to is whether the driving school is decorated in the traffic police. The professional qualities of the instructor himself are no less important: personal driving experience, teaching experience and personal qualities such as the ability to relate to students’ mistakes, lack of excessive irritability. Some believe that before the beginning of practical classes it is impossible to find out all this. However, already in the first lesson you can ask some questions you are interested in, watch the instructor’s behavior and draw the appropriate conclusions. It is also worth asking what books, textbooks and visual materials are owned by a driving school. Since if something is missing, you will have to buy it yourself, which will increase the cost of training. You can independently inspect the entire school fleet and consider in more detail the car on which you have to drive. It is necessary to ask in detail about the crusts that you will receive at the end of training. Consider samples of crusts. All these issues should not cause difficulties in the representative of the driving school, if no one deceives you. And since the choice of a suitable driving school is quite responsible for cases, do not hesitate to find out everything in advance. English is an international language, most of our planet speaks it. Modern teaching methods are offered by the English school in Moscow. Look at the site

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