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The law on the conclusion of an obligatory agreement OSAGO entered into force on July 1, 2003. It is from this moment that every motorist must move on his own vehicle, having an OSAGO agreement. For the lack of a policy, a fine is provided. Today, CTP car insurance is not concluded without an existing diagnostic card (technical inspection).

How to draw up an insurance contract?

In order to apply for an obligatory insurance Auto Insurance Auto Insurance company, you need to contact the department of the insurance company, having a passport, a document for a car, a driver’s license of all drivers who will use this vehicle and a diagnostic card during the year.

How much compulsory liability insurance costs?

The cost of the insurance policy in all companies is the same and is calculated based on the tariffs approved by the Law. The size of the final insurance premium depends on the type of car, registration of the owner, the power of the machine, the maximum mass for trucks, the age and experience of drivers and discounts (KBM). In order to independently calculate the insurance premium, you need to go to any website of the insurance company and use the free calculator of OSAGO.

Liability limits for the insurance policy.

In the insurance policy p. 4 reflects the insurance amounts within which any insurance company undertakes to compensate for the damage to the victim. According to this paragraph, if the property is damaged as a result of the accident, you can get no more than 140 thousand. rubles if property is affected and no more than 240 thousand. rubles, if damage to the general state of health is received. To increase limits, there is an additional insurance contract – doseago.

Who receives compensation under the insurance policy?

According to the law, funds as a result of an accident receives, officially recognized by police officers, the victim. The guilty party restores its car at its own expense.

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