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September 22, 2012 | 18:13

One of the main types of automobile fraud is the auto stand on the road. In most cases, they imitate an accident. There are several scenarios, according to which the stands are taking place.

Often scammers use young children. A lonely girl is waiting for a supermarket, who uncertainly begins to park. At this moment, the child jumps to the car and hit it. Next, “parents” appear and begin the idea “You shot down our baby”, while the child holds onto the head. However, “parents” without hesitation, they propose to compensate for the damage.

Most often imitate an accident on the road. Next, we will describe the two most common types of stands, which are the so -called “update” and “settings of the task”. When “driving”, the fraudster rides behind the victim and asks the headlights to let go ahead. The victim’s car is rebuilt, and then from nowhere to jump out the car of the second fraudster, imitating a collision, supposedly what happened due to the fault of the victim.

With the “setup”, the fraudster stands at the intersection of the main and secondary roads. The victim drives up behind. The standing machine touches, gains speed and brakes sharply. Naturally the victim enters the back of the car.

Usually attackers are looking for a victim from supermarkets or directly on the road. At the right moment, when the victim leaves the car, a piece of sandpaper rave off the paint. The victim is leaving. The attackers are catching up with her and ask signs to stop. After stopping, they claim that the victim hooked their car when moving, showing scratches on her victim car and car car. Attackers continue to put pressure on the victim, offering to pay on the spot.

There are a pair of rules that will help you in time and correctly respond if you are trying to “dilute” you. In any situation, it is necessary to call traffic police officers. And remember, under any pretext do not give money, documents, car keys.

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