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Australians introduced a Holden car car

by newsgary

Australia called Holden showed its car called Modore. This car will be slightly finalized and will soon be in the automotive market of America called Chevrolet SS. The first official show of the car will be held in mid -May of this year.

True information about the car is very, very little. It is only known that the car will be made of aluminum body panels, in addition, the car will have an electric steering wheel amplifier, as well as high aerodynamics. All this, according to the official representatives of the company, will allow the car to save fuel within ten percent.

The new car will have:

– automatic parking system that can park the car in parallel and perpendicular;

– a system that allow you to get into the car’s interior without using the keys;

– multimedia complex; – projection display;

– a system that will monitor the blind zones of the car, with a row of its movement, and it will also warn the driver about the danger of a frontal clash.

The aforementioned car will appear on the world market only after three years. Its past name will be preserved, it will still be collected in Australia, but its rear -wheel drive platform will be replaced by a full -wheel drive from General Motors.

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