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That today is the favorite content of television producers? Cheap sensations, accidents, disasters, scandals. Yes, this is what is always exported to “Hurray” on the screens of our TVs, and is also in greatest demand for video trackers and video hostings. Meal’n’Real! Since the Roman Empire, this slogan is relevant to this day.

Jeep flying into the ditch

The American branch of the Discovery channel, TLC laid out several videos on the UTUB with a cut consisting of an accident that occurred in the United States. If you are a fanatic of a viral video, then you have probably seen such videos, and perhaps some fragments from these videos and it is possible that on TV. Nevertheless, despite the doubtfulness of the demonstration of such things, these videos are able, in addition to satisfying entertainment, to give drivers a chance to look at the accident from the side. Give a chance to each of us, put ourselves in the place of the participant in the events and is possible in a real situation to avoid such a fate.

The truck driver ignores restrictions on the permitted height

The first video consists of short slices of accidents, emergency situations, curious moments and other car chaos. Under the clarification of relations between drivers and the tricks of drunken participants in traffic traffic.

The second video is a triple repetition of a video with the participation of a driver who fell asleep at the wheel of a driver, an uncontrollable car of which, at full speed, is carried through the gas station, spreading the gas station in the rattles and completes its journey in the shop located in the gas station. Fortunately, there were no human victims.

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