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The accident on Indycar

by newsgary

Date of publication: 08-10-2017

At the Houston Grand Prix, an accident occurred in which the pilot Dario Frankitti was injured by the four-time indycar champion. According to the official website of IndyCar, the champion received a vertebral fracture, but surgical intervention did not require. In addition, the Ganassi Racing team was injured and pilot.

On the last round of the race, in the fifth turn, Frankitti rammed the boil of Takumo Sato, as a result of which the Scotland car flew onto the grid of the rostrum with spectators from the racing highway. Some fragments of the car and the chipper fell on the audience. 14 people were injured, two of them were hospitalized.

Frankitti did not get out of the car before the appearance of doctors. When it was removed, it was clear from the battered and cut equipment that the racer received numerous injuries, but sewing accessories were fixable, but Frankitti’s health was greatly undermined. After the arrival of doctors, he was taken to the MEMORIAL HERMANN Medical Center, where he was left for the night. It is still unknown whether the racer will be able to return to the track and how much time it will be restored after the accident.

For the first time, Frankitti became the IndyCar racing champion in 2007. He is rightfully considered the most titled pilot. From 2009 to 2011, the Scot was at the highest stage of the final protocols of the championships. In addition, Frankitti took first place on the podium of honor during the Indy 500 podium. Dario’s ex-wife is the famous American actress Ashley Jadd, and the cousin-pilot Formla-1 Paul Di Di.

We hope that the restoration and rehabilitation of the rider will be successful and he will return to the track.

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