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When everything is individual!

by newsgary

Individual project – what threatens? How a house project affects furniture in it? Why are houses created by individual order?

I want an exclusive!

Those citizens who have the opportunity to not only build their home, but also do it on an individual order, of course, solve certain problems, as it seems to them. But they do not realize the report that, thus, some problems create for themselves.

After all, what is a house on an individual order? This is a structure in which not all solutions are traditional. This applies to the number of storeys, and the size of rooms, stairs and crossings. Why do customers go to such difficulties? Here are just some of the known reasons:

the desire to stand out among your own

desire to realize your own creative ideas

The intention to create a “house of your dreams”

Of course, good designers of such orders are only happy, since they cost more! And who will refuse extra money?

Problems and ways to solve them.

But the best project, and then construction, are problems in the sense that these rooms and read residential and non-residential spaces must somehow equip. You can’t bring the usual furniture to some places of such a house. Output – making furniture to order. Perhaps in size, and perhaps only collapsible furniture here will help! Or, for example, non -standard forms and relations of the parties! And the materials? And design? You can only imagine how the cabinet in the form of a ball in the hallway will look, which has the shape of an eight of Mobius? You think this is an exaggeration? If yes, then small. Talk to the designers, they will not tell you that yet! In the end, many people do this, as they say, as if avenging those who developed typical apartments in high -rise buildings!

Although, on the other hand, if all this is done, it will be an exclusive dwelling! No one will have this anymore! Of course, the question arises, but how to live in such a house? But these are already the problems of the owners. However, there is an option that such a house is not done for residence, but how to boast of friends and loved ones, they say, that I have stolen!

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