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When everything becomes possible

by newsgary

How at one time architects relate to computer modeling? Is it worth it to treat games frivolously? What is interesting Simcity?

Once it seemed unit ..

A certain number of years ago, when computers were just becoming a working tool for many specialties, and not just exotic, the architects of the old school grumbled in displeasure, that they say, all this computer modeling of entire quarters is good in toys, but in reality everything could never work out like that as on the graph.

Time has passed and now computer modeling is studied in higher educational institutions, where builders and architects are prepared. And games in which the main thing is the construction of both one building and an entire city, quite a lot. But some stand out even against this background, for example, the high Simcity speed of some is simply shocking.

A game that prepares for a profession ..

Although, on the other hand, the “game” is the concept of extensible. Simcity is not just a game. If we talk about the latest version, this is essentially a test for children for the desire to become a builder or architect. Because when the child has the opportunity to verify his own experience that any solution has consequences – both positive and negative – this does not pass without a trace. Well, when a whole city appears with your efforts, with factories, parks, entertainment centers, you understand that really, a lot in this life only depends on you! It’s just the main thing is to go on time from the game to real life ..

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