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Types of suspended ceilings.

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Design of suspended ceilings.

A feature of suspended ceilings is that with them it is possible to realize all your desires regarding the design of the apartment. Want a classic white ceiling, but you dream to visually increase the room? – No problem. A white lacquer film with a mirroring surface will help you with this. The depth effect will also achieve films of cold shades, which at the same time will have a positive, calming effect on the inhabitants of the apartment.

Unusual styles, textures, colors – everything is possible with a stretch ceiling. You are a lover of Hi-Tech-then you will certainly like a metal ceiling. You prefer the classics – you can install the ceiling by texture reminiscent of an expensive velvet, marble or red tree. And if you want to hit and pleasantly surprise all your family members, then order a film that shows your common photo or sky with clouds. Such drawings are applied to the manufacturer on the polyvinyl chloride film. T. K in Russia, such production is still poorly developed, then the order will have to wait a few weeks. There is another option for applying a drawing on the canvas. In this case, polyester is used, and the pattern is applied after installing the ceiling using paints.

In addition to the original drawing, thanks to the stretch ceiling, all kinds of multi -level structures can be made. Special fasteners will help this. The elasticity of the material allows you to make any curved surface – from smooth transitions between levels to arched arches.

Thanks to suspended ceilings, you can change the appearance of the ceiling surface in fairly large rooms, such as a pool, a restaurant room, studio. At the same time, the ceiling is conditionally divided into several parts, and individual parts of the canvas are combined with each other using special fasteners so that the joints of the joints remain invisible.

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