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Types of glazing balcony

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Glazing of the balcony is a fairly responsible task for the competent execution of which you must first choose the right type of glazing, and then install it correctly. By the way, specialists are most often engaged in installing.

The balcony should be warm. Electric heating is ideal for heating the balcony, it can be a warm electric floor or electric convector.

To glaze the balcony, you can use either “warm” or “cold” glazing. The first implies year -round use of the room, and the second only in the warm season. Simply put, the balcony with warm glazing can be used as a living room, and with cold only as a summer veranda or winter warehouse. In any case, glazing saves the balcony from the unpleasant effects of atmospheric precipitation and other negative factors.

You can glaze the balcony with the help of several types of glazing, namely an aluminum profile, plastic windows, wooden windows and non -bombarded glazing.

The most acceptable option in the production of cold glazing is the use of cold aluminum profile. This glazing is very high quality and durable. You can use non -bramberry glazing, it will turn the balcony into a real observation deck.

The main “feature” of such glazing is a panoramic appearance, which is created due to the absence of window frames. At the same time, this glazing is very reliable, in the course of its organization, a special tempered glass is used, in some cases it also. As you know, both of these materials are completely safe during operation.

Plastic windows for glazing the balcony are used only in the case of converting the balcony into a warm room. It is worth noting that they have a fairly large weight. As for wooden windows, when glazing the balcony, they are used extremely rare. It is understandable, because wooden frames now have no particular popularity.

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