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Tuning VAZ 2106

by newsgary

Tuning VAZ 2106, also 2101, 2107, 2105 sometimes you can do it yourself. From my personal experience, I will talk about how I achieved a significant increase in dynamics without spending large means.

Firstly, which did not suit me in a standard VAZ configuration, this is a carburetor. When accelerating, especially uphill, he did not provide the engine with normal power and it seemed that someone was holding the car from behind. It was then that it was decided that it should be made to be stained with a vaz. I began to tunen the vaz by replacing a standard carburetor

on the VAZ carburetor from the VAZ 21083. But on the carburetor from the VAZ 21083, the accelerator drive is on the cable, and in the classic using rods. Just in the market I bought special adapters. Then he took off the plastic drive of the throttle from 21083 and under it there is the same seat as in the classic.

Then he took off the standard carburetor, along with all the gaskets (textolite and paper) and installed in his place, along with new gaskets, Daaz 21083. Finally I installed all the adapters from the kit and connected the throttle drive drive.

But I didn’t stop there. Further, tuning VAZ 2106 continued, I installed a contactless ignition system. Now on the market they can be bought in any configuration. For tuning, you need:

Contactly trimbler 2101 or 2103 (aka Niva), depending on what your motor is.

Switch 2108.

The ignition coil is 2108.

Wires to connect all this to each other (it is also called a pigtail).

It would still be nice to replace candles and candle wires with shielded.

Installing all this on the car is not difficult and takes a maximum of time and on this the first tuning ends. Then we adjust the whole thing and you can go on the road.

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