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Chip tuning VAZ 2110.

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Chip tuning VAZ 2110 is made to change the characteristics of the engine. What is a chip tuning and why it is necessary, described in detail in this article. But how to make a chip tuning VAZ 2110, we will analyze in this article.

First, it is necessary to remove the minus terminal terminal.

Unscrew and remove the side shield on the central console, from the passenger side.

Now we can see the controller. We will withdraw from it a connector with a tourniquet of wires. The connector on the controller holds the stop bracket and to disconnect the connector, you need to put the bracket with a screwdriver.

Unscrew and remove the controller. It is most convenient to remove the controller along with the insulating stand, and then remove the stand.

Then we remove the controller cover. To do this, twist four screws.

And finally we change the chip of the ROM. Depending on the brand of the controller, the chip can stand just in the connector or on the soldering.

The assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

Chips come with different programs, depending on what is required for you, economy or dynamics.

When installing a new chip, be careful not to bend the chip legs.

Some chips, you can reprogram. What chips and how to do it, you can read by passing this link.

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