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Try to connect the chandelier yourself

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As a rule, the very stage of assembly of the chandelier and its installation on the ceiling of particular complexity for the owner does not represent. But with its connection to the home power grid, difficulties often arise. It is better, of course, to invite an electrician for this purpose, and then all questions will disappear themselves. It remains only to buy chandeliers to your share and hang them in different rooms, and an experienced specialist will already do everything else. But especially for those situations when there is no one to invite, let’s try to give a few recommendations.

The main operations that should be done

We will analyze the typical situation:

There is a five -lamp chandelier;

A double switch is installed on the wall;

There are three wires on the ceiling at the place of attachment of the chandelier.

By the way, if you have not three wires, but four, then the “extra” wire, yellow -green, is grounding. Just wrap it with electrical tape and twist it with the rest.

Now we will figure out what needs to be done so that two out of five lamps are lit by one switch, the second – the other three.

How to figure out which wire where to connect

At the base of the chandelier itself, with which it is attached to the ceiling, there are wires – according to the number of lamps available on it. In our case, there should be three or four wires.

If there are three wires and they are colored, then phase wires have one color (for example, red), and zero (for example, blue and two -core) differs from them. You can disassemble the chandelier and move everything differently, but for this it is advisable to understand at least a little in the electrician.

If there are four wires, then to the first three, another two -core grounding wire is simply added. In this case, it is recommended to twist both ground wires into one and thus return to the option with three wires.

Before connecting the wires from the chandelier, find phase wires with an indicator screwdriver among those that come out of the ceiling. There should also be two phases and one ground wire (zero).

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