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Tips for those who decided to buy real estate abroad

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Tips for those who decided to buy real estate abroad

Someone prefers to rent a house while in another country, others want to buy real estate abroad. In this article, we will give some tips for you, as for a foreign real estate buyer, or rather, show what to beware.

Currently, low real estate prices in other countries can be seduced by anyone. Nevertheless, the investments are still not small, so the purchase deserves good and careful planning.

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1. Get professional help

This is the number one rule for all who want to buy foreign real estate. You need professional assistance to a lawyer, and not some simple company, but a specialist who is engaged in directly foreign real estate, and it would be better if he specializes directly in the country where you want to buy a house or apartment. Your lawyer should speak Russian (this for you) and in the language of the country where you buy real estate or know English excellently. Such a legal representative may make sure that everything is done correctly in terms of planning approvals and licenses, as well as property rights, registration of the owner and any other legal bureaucracy that will arise in the process of sale. Carefully relate to a lawyer, which is offered by the same company that sells real estate. It is better, of course, to choose a lawyer who has nothing to do with this company.

To minimize the chances of fraud, use the services of professional real estate agencies while searching for a house and buy only through authoritative companies. Independent assessment of property is also a private purchase procedure. And the last, but rather important remark: if you do not freely speak the language of the country where documents will be drawn up, order the services of a professional translator.

2. Pay attention to the study of the market and do not rush

Before choosing an apartment or house, you must first choose a place. Carefully look at different real estate markets and their development. Check how real estate prices change and what is it connected with. Check how real estate prices have changed abroad in the past few months or years and what experts predict in the future. In addition, compare prices with local income in the country where you buy a house, as well as local rent to get a common price of price. Many, as a rule, forget about this.

Also keep in mind the reason for your purchase. Market trends will change, so if you buy a house with the aim of subsequent resale, these are some conditions, and if you want to live in it, then completely different. The second option is not characterized by anxiety about real estate prices in the future, but in the first case, forecasts are very important.

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