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The construction of buildings from three -layer sandwich panels

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The three -layer sandwich panels have been actively used for the construction of shopping centers, gas stations, and car services service stations. The owners of such institutions choose the optimal combination between price and quality, especially since such building materials have excellent performance characteristics.

The three -layer sandwich panels consist of two metal cladding of polymer coatings and a layer of insulation, which is located between them. Mineral wool is used as a heater, as well as foam. First, the installation of engineering equipment is done and then the thickness of the insulation is measured, which is calculated on the basis of the climatic conditions of the region in which the construction is located. Typically, a layer of insulation is from 50 to 200 mm. Mineral wool has good thermal insulation properties, a layer of such a wool of 80 mm is comparable by the characteristics of insulation with brick masonry size 1 meter. Thus, the three -layer sandwich panel is the best solution for construction in any climatic belt.

Excellent thermal insulation of such buildings allows them to be used not only in the winter, but also in hot summer. Such sandwich panels are divided into wall and roofing. Using roofing panels, increase the strength of the structure and add tightness to the compounds.

It is very important to observe fire safety at the technical control stations of vehicles. Three -layer sandwich panels are used to organize a fire barrier, they have all the necessary certificates and documents of various tests.

Much attention is paid to the good stability of the external coating of the sandwich panels to the adverse effects of the environment. Such protection is especially necessary in the construction of various technical stations, where interaction with gasoline, oil and other chemical elements is possible. Three -layer sandwich panels characterize excellent sound insulation.

The financial benefit in the construction of buildings and structures from such materials is obvious. Although it will be even more profitable to build rapidly vegetable designs. The main thing here is to accurately calculate the time from construction to the introduction of it into the work, usually during the construction of such sandwich panels, this period is 2-3 weeks, which is very profitable economically. For such a construction, it is possible to use a lightweight foundation, which reduces financial costs for building. You can build structures from such panels in any weather and time of the year.

When going to build a building from three -layer sandwich panels, you must definitely find a solid construction company. Its experts will help make the calculations of the foundation and all supporting structures. And with direct installation of panels in place, it is experienced specialists that will ensure that all the mounts are produced hard and safe. A responsible approach to the construction of buildings from sandwich panels is not just safety during operation, but also significant saving of funds.

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