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Car care tips

by newsgary

Correct and timely car care is the key to a long service life. Like any thing, the car is subject to wear, especially when you have to drive along our “magnificent” roads.

Car care rules:

The basis of any vehicle is the engine. It is the engine that requires careful care. First of all, the engine is very moody to the clock. You need to select oil for the car according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. As a rule, all technical parameters of oil are indicated in the use of use. Do not forget that the large mileage of the car is every 15,000 km, it requires a new oil replacement. The choice of quality goods is the second problem, since there are many low -quality products on the market. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to well -known and reliable brands.

The quality of the fuel of the car also affects its technical durability. It is not easy to find a reliable car fuel supplier today. However, you should choose a popular brand. Remember that the storage of checks when refueling the vehicle may be proof in the case of a poor -quality fuel bay in the car of the car.

Cooling liquid for the radiator also requires annual replacement. Agree that it is easier to perform such easy operations in time than spend a lot of time and money in a car repair shop.

Auto manufacturers also recommend changing the filters of the fuel system. Diesel engines need to be replaced, every 5000 km, gasoline – 7000 km.

The external and internal appearance of the car should also be paid attention, since the body is subject to corrosion, and the interior is often polluted.

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