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Polypropylene twine.

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Polypropylene twine.

Polypropylene twine is a synthetic thread of a small section made by yarn or twisting. This is a single use product, which is successfully used in many industries as a strapping material. The range of its use is very wide – from packaging for mail, and auxiliary use in the furniture industry to use in various repair and construction work.

Shpagat is made of propylene – a synthetic substance without color. The finished products in the form of bechs under a little effort wrap a cross-stroke on special coils. This product is a thickness of 800 to 8500 text, the selection of the required linear section depends on the field of use of the packaging. For example, the agro -industrial sector uses a product with a linear section of 2200 texts, which was named “Senomal” in the village. The dominant color of the manufactured production twine is white, but it is also made with a different coloring.

Shpagat is preferred against the background of other packaging materials with its plasticity, which allows multiple use of the material when flexion and extension, wear resistance, an indifferent reaction to various active environments, thermal resistance and lack of such a property as energy conductivity. As a drawback, it should be noted its low resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Himiki engineers are now fighting over this problem, adding ultraviolet radiation stabilizers to the organic composition. In the production of this packaging material, “know -hau” technologies are currently used. Environmental indicators of products are normal.

For private users, the twine is indispensable as a strapping material, because it differs reliability, and after the final use is quickly disposed of.

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