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Gypsum -plated ceiling putty

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If your ceiling is made of hyposcarton, then its finishing finishes will play a decisive role for the aesthetic beauty of the room. In this case, all technology must be observed so that the results of the work are of high -quality. For work, you will need an average, long and short spatula. Also, prepare a roller and a long stick for painting and priming the ceiling. You will also need a device for cleaning the ceiling, a primer bucket, a bath for paint, gloves and protective glasses, and scissors for metal. First you need to primed the black surface of the ceiling: here you need to apply a primer evenly and carefully using the roller. Then it is necessary to close the seams and joints. We glue a special grid on these defects, and then process a thin layer of a special mixture. The next stage is the installation on the inside of the corner box. Here you can focus on drywall, or set them in level.

If you are going to make repairs in a private house, then you need to do and ennoble the adjacent territory. Maybe you need to change the place of the toilet and the cesspool? In this case, purchase bacteria for cesspools that will allow you to process the waste and use them to fertilize the soil. Bacteria can be bought from specialized firms, and then your cesspools will be not only functional, but also useful.

Next, apply the first layer of putty with a long spatula. After drying it, we are stripped. Further around the perimeter, you need to attach molding, and treat it with putty. Next – primer and applying the second layer, as well as the finish layer of plaster.

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