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On the crest of a wave

by newsgary

Johnny Utah is a newly-made FBI agent who started work in Los Angeles.

Johnny was good at the Johni Academy, but as a special agent Utah, he is no one else that both the boss and the partner Angelo Papas. Johnny’s attention immediately attracts the case of banks robbers who hide their faces behind the rubber masks of Nixon, Reagan and other former US presidents. Over the past three years, the gang has already committed 27 robberies, and is not going to stop. Pappas suspects all local surfers, so Johnny decides to join their company. There he meets Bodhi – a dangerous, interesting person and knows how to captivate everyone who craves freedom.

The film “On the crest of the Wave”, available at 60877, has already entered the classics of American cinema. He is considered an action movie and thriller, but in reality it is not a “pure” representative of not a single genre. Relations of Utah and Pappas will remind the film for any film “On Friends-Police” (“Deadly Weapon”, “48 hours” and many others). The introduction of Johnny into the company of surfers is a classic story about work under the cover. Episodes on the beach, where Johnny gets closer to the surfers and falls in love with the ocean, would look no less organically in sports drama or the history of self -knowledge.

The fact that the film does not break up into separate episodes, the great merit of the director Katherine Bigelou. She received a well -deserved Oscar (for the sensational “overlord of a storm” recently, but even then, by 1991, when I went out “on the crest of the wave”, she proved that she can shoot exciting “male” cinema. You can not ignore the actors who compiled an excellent acting ensemble. Keanu Reeves in the role of Johnny Yuta, Patrick Suezi in the role of freedom -loving invigorates, Gary Busie in the role of enthusiastic pappas created memorable images. Their characters are passionate natures, which drives not only the thirst for profit or the desire to restore justice.

“On the crest of the wave” was and remains an excellent film, stuck, but not lost “between genres”. He has already passed the test of time and was not outdated for a minute.

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