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More than half of all traffic accidents are pedestrians raids. They are especially frequent in large settlements. Clouds are the result of a gross violation of the relevant articles of the rules that ensure the safety of pedestrians’ movement as themselves and the drivers, which confirms the case in g. Karaganda.

Past of the Baltic bus stop at a speed of 70 km per hour “Volga” raced, at the wheel of which a taxi driver was sitting. And when, due to the bus at the bus stop, without looking around, the pedestrian ran out, he was instantly shot down and after a two-day stay in the hospital died.

Without belittling the serious guilt of the pedestrian, it must be emphasized that the main reason for the collision is a gross violation of the rules of movement by the driver m., not reducing the speed of movement to the limits that ensure the immediate stop of the VS1 service, when passing by the bus standing at the bus stop.

One winter during the thaw, when the roads were covered with ice, near the cinema “Saryarka” (g. Almaata) stood a group of lively children. At this time, on Pravda Avenue, a cinema was approaching a high taxi speed that the driver a ruled. When about 20 m left to the car, the girl separated from the group of children and ran across the road. Improperly selected velocity in ice and the inattention of the driver did not allow avoiding a road incident. Of course, a large share of guilt in the incident should be attributed to the girl, but as in the first case the main reason for the collision is the incorrectly selected speed when traveling past the accumulation of children.

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