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New Moscow roads require more than one trillion rubles

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In early July last year, a seminar was held in Moscow, which was dedicated to the road networks of the capital. The development issues of the entire Moscow agglomeration were discussed. The seminar was performed by the director of the Institute of Economics of Transport and Transport Policy of the Higher School of Higher Professor Mr. Mikhail Blininkin. He said that it is necessary to develop transport infrastructure in the territories that are attached to Moscow. Their infrastructure should be the same as in the capital, but for this you need at least one trillion rubles (about $ 15 billion).But this is only the initial amount. In order for the street network, the creation of which is planned, it will require an additional about 32 billion from. e. Experts assessed and concluded that this amount of money is necessary for the construction of new roads, as well as ground rail transport (excluding railways and metro lines).But the deputy mayor Mr. Khusnullin clarified that these are only preliminary calculations in accordance with international standards for the calculation of street and road networks. He said that in reality, perhaps construction will be much cheaper. He also added that after the concept of the development of these territories is adopted, calculations will be made as accurately as possible and technical specifications for design will be compiled. The road grid may appear in the summer, but it depends on the volume of work on development.

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