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Autodoma, part 2

by newsgary

On the principle of residential minivans, “houses” were built on the platform of commercial minibuses. Outwardly, they almost do not differ from ordinary, because the body remains almost unchanged. But there is much larger place inside, so you can place a small kitchen, and sometimes a showering cabin with a toilet. A company of four to five people can travel in a car.


– the presence of a complete set for comfortable life;

– in management does not differ from the usual car;

– Quite fast and economical;

– Suitable even for daily use.


– cramped interior;

– Suitable only for traveling with a small company;

– low level of autonomy.

Alcat car autodoma

If you want more space and comfort, you should think about semi -integrated auto deips. The main difference from the rest of the Autodomes is that the cabin is either completely separated from the cabin, or is connected to it only a small window. The house itself is actually superimposed on the chassis. The main advantage of such autodomas is the presence of almost full-fledged 6-8 sleeping places. A couple of them, as a rule, is located above the cabin. In such machines there is already normal, by the standards of the car, kitchen and water supply, bathroom and even shower cabin.


– Comfortable salon;

– more sleeping places;

– Normal household equipment.


– the driver’s isolation from the cabin;

– high center of gravity causes low speed.

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