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Car long into life.

by newsgary

Let this irrational name not bother the reader – this is just the author’s desire to convey the idea that in the life of every man there are memories of his personal fleet, who accompanied him, along with an equally pleasant list of all kinds of friends and friends. And to each car, and every unconditionally lady, a real man at one time treated the proper food and sincere attention. And it is still unknown who at one time they loved and cherished more, especially in the perishable Soviet times, because there were many girls, but there were few cars. And they were not enough for all of them. If the male half of the population reacted excitedly to Katrin Denev and Merelin Monroe, then believe with much greater interest the men of the Union, who sunk into oblivion, reacted to the appearance of a Mercedes 123rd. Of course, the saying came in memory – “Do not trust the wife and keys to the car”.

Everything seems to be correct – but the realities have changed and now the service “Help of the Volgograd car” has appeared, for example, the “elitavto” and the keys to the once beloved car are now wandering from pocket to pocket, and the conventional phrase “The car is not luxury, and the means of transportation practically puts it A stone point in this matter in our Volgograd, and in other cities and weights of our country.

Well, okay, excuse me for the step aside, back to the “secret list” in no way related to the rental of cars in Volgograd. So. Personal acquaintance began when he was a student-citizens with a nine-colored “wet asphalt”, which was acquired by the age friend of the best friend of Seryoga. The process of acquiring the extraordinary car at that time was crazy – some kind of gypsies, some kind of difficult vanity with cash prohibited then, dollars and a bag of burnt nerves. But everything happened – and we roll as passengers along the ancient streets of the Baltic city on the car attracting universal attention to the car. The sensations cannot be conveyed, especially when you are twenty years old. The next number was the green “six”, already shifted in the first independent year of production life for an apartment torn from a collapsed state. She became a teacher of my first. With her, I survived the first drifts, and the first trips outside the city, and the first small accidents. Then the circumstances of life in the country worsened and selling the car, I turned it into initial capital, having bought the first batch of goods on it in Novosibirsk and successfully sold it on the market of our town. We can say that this was the first cornerstone of my current business. Then it was the turn of the white “Audents of the eighty”, at that time nine. Of course, there were two hundred races and the joy of possessing a weak. But everything ended as it should end – the overhaul of the engine with the complete absence of the market of imported auto parts. Having somehow thrown off the imported seducer, I moved to the Volga thirty-first gray. From the impressions, the complete sensation of the ship and a vivid personal surprise have been preserved by the fact that an oil filler stuffing is still used – tin in one word. The next auto -beautiful was the VAZ brand new “five” of the color of the cherry color, bought personally in Togliatti. He served properly, carrying cargo from Novosibirsk, and in it, I clearly remember, I was one of the first to stick a flavor in the form of a crown – then it was cool. The Japanese auto industry replaced the Lada – right -handed “Toyota Camry Printing” in the “Vistovsky” body on the machine like all right -handed cars. Comfort and assembly quality is beyond praise, and I rode on it for a couple of years, until one non -Russian non -Russian went into me on the side of the road. The epic ended with the insurance payment and the exchange of a restored car for the Dau Lanos sparkling new varnish. This Korean drove me well and very comfortable and in business and personal affairs, until he was replaced by a new dozen color Ultramarin. And the main impression of this relatively small machine – a meeting with one special height per meter eighty were very comfortable. Somehow everything was successful there. Well, further, as the famous song of Garik Krichevsky was sung, “went shorter” and spun faster than a series of changing cars – the new Kia Sorrento on which they were driven along the steppes of hares, the worker “Lexus EU”, which flashed the “Audi Six” on the whole drive and Automatic machine, “Bahs” are different but all insanely solid …So friends, such a resume – we used to value our more cars, we practically loved them, and now it is all the chain show -offs and no feeling, we even came up with a car supply in Volgograd. But it was all in our life, it was…

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