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Carboxes for the roof of the car.

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Each motorist considers his car the most convenient, beautiful and fast. Recently, the number of cars in Russia has increased, everyone wants to be mobile and have life comfort. But not every car has a convenient trunk, and when transporting many things, the question arises regarding the capacity of the machine. Much more to accommodate another bag? How to translate fishing accessories or stroller? For all such needs, more and more motorists use a specially made trunk – Terra Drive car boxing. BOX – What is translated from English means – lock, box. Such trunk on the roof are already quite familiar to many motorists. Early trunk models were often not entirely convenient, they had some disadvantages. Modern boxes are already more convenient, since all the shortcomings in them are eliminated, and today it is possible to calmly choose such a car bastard for the roof in color and volume. So trigger such as Terra Drive will become an excellent assistant in transportation.

Why do they need autocoxes at all?

– expand the capacity of the car;

– are the protection of luggage from dirt, moisture, dust;

– If the machine is wide enough, then you can put boxes together with a mount for a bicycle or skis on the roof;

– It is possible to transport different goods – boxes, bags, tents, fishing sets and so on;

– A good trunk is in some respects even improves the type of car!

Are autox boxes reliable?

There is no doubt here – in such a trunk, things will be fully protected. Boxes on the roof of the car are well locked by the key. A larva that has triple fixation is built into the trunk body, so the box is locked in 3 places along the entire length. The carbags have a streamlined shape and easily tolerate the blows of branches and pebbles.

What is worth paying attention to when choosing an auto box.

– It is necessary that it withstand different temperatures, both minus and plus, also strong humidity.

– He must easily dismantle and mount.

– Be adapted for a particular car brand.

– Have a light weight so as not to load the car’s roof too much.

– Have suitable size and carrying capacity.

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