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Mosaic paint at the peak of popularity

by newsgary

Mosaic paint is a new material for decoration of premises that quickly gained popularity. Sometimes, these paints are also called multicolor. The essence of the idea is that manufacturers add unusual intersperses to the composition of paint. Usually, these are a lot of the smallest particles of various nature, which are enclosed in special transparent capsules. Since these capsules do not dissolve, with the help of mosaic paint you can make an absolutely amazing coating for walls or ceiling.

Often in mosaic paint there may be such interesting colors that can hardly be achieved using any other paint. For example, pearl, gold, silver and so on. Parts shimmer, flash in the light, or as if lit by sparks. In one paint, as a rule, several of these colors, therefore it is called mosaic.

There are also unusual inclusions or so ordinary that it still makes this paint special. For example, quartz sand, silicone flakes, glass balls, buttons or flocks.

Using mosaic paint in the interior, you can achieve a variety of effects. So, for example, it can very naturally imitate various natural materials. First of all – natural stone. It can be marble, shell -to -cord, granite, and so on. But on this, the manufacturers, of course, did not stop. Today, Ace mosaic paint can simulate everything – starting with silk and chromium, ending with ancient parchment and wood of different breeds. In addition, mosaic paint can be both matte and glossy, depending on the wishes of the customer. In fact, you can hardly come up with something that could not imitate mosaic paint.

By the way, with mosaic paint it is very pleasant and easy to work. She has a dense, rather viscous structure, so you can apply it with a large brush. Then, you can walk on top with a masking roller (even with a corrugated surface) in order to give the surface some unusual effect or texture.

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