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It is rare that the owner of a private house does not dream that a fireplace is in his living room. To realize this dream, there is no need for huge costs, and all that will be needed to clearly follow the planned plan.

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First of all, you should draw up a project of the future fireplace. When designing, it is necessary to take into account a large number of factors that include:

Paul reliability. The fact is that a full -fledged fireplace on wood can weigh from eight hundred kilograms to one and a half tons. If the house is built completely of wood, an additional intensification of the foundation at the place of its location will be required to install the fireplace

In addition, it is necessary to know exactly the size of the room in which it is planned to install the fireplace. If the size of the room is less than twenty meters square, you will have to forget about the fireplaces on firewood, since it needs a large amount of air for normal operation. The fireplace must be installed in such a way that it is as far as possible from the windows and doors. If this is not a greater fate that the fireplace will be poor in the fireplace and it will be very smoked

The fireplace cannot be installed on the outer wall, since due to its cold there will be more heat loss. If there is simply no other option, the wall will have to be previously insulated

The size of the fireplace also matters. In the event that its size is too large, then in the absence of fire in it, it will greatly emasculate the room, and too small the fireplace will not cope with the heating.

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