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Baths from aerated concrete

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Modern companies offer many different projects of houses and baths from various materials. Most people believe that the best bathhouse is a wooden house with a steam room and a rest room, but many builders offer projects of aerated concrete bath and other materials.

Typical projects of baths.

There are many typical projects of baths from various materials, including aerated concrete. For example, you can build a bathhouse with a total area of ​​88 m² on a monolithic reinforced concrete foundation with external decoration of facial brick.

The project of such a bath with an attic made of aerated concrete blocks is very interesting for large areas. In this structure you can not only steam, but also settle guests in the summer. There are two floors and a car canopy in the house, which, if desired, can be turned into a veranda.

On the ground floor of a sauna, a bathroom, a shower and a rest room with a stove and a fireplace. The shower and rest room are also planned on the second floor. The cost of the structure depends on the type of work that will be carried out. Turnkey bathhouse will cost about 23,000 per square meter, which will amount to about 200,000 rubles per finished building.

Projects of small aerated concrete baths are also interesting. Their area is about 45 m², it is divided into a rest room, a bathroom, a shower, a sauna, a veranda and a porch. The cost of such a house with a full decoration is about 10,000 rubles.

Large baths with a billiard or small gym equipped not only with a sauna, rest room and shower, but also a bedroom on the second floor and kitchen are also interesting. The structure will take an area of ​​92 m² and will be an excellent rest home. The price of such a turnkey building is about 2100,000 rubles.

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