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Professional construction of a Turkish bath |

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The company “Elitsaunastroy” offers its customers a wide range of construction, repair and installation and finishing services. The organization cooperates with highly qualified specialists and high -quality materials, which allows guaranteeing the high quality of all work. Hamam construction is carried out under copyright supervision and strictly according to the conditions of design and technical documentation.

A few words about the capabilities of the company

Elitsaunastroy has been working in this area for several years. The organization’s employees gained tremendous experience and constantly improve their skills, adopting the experience of foreign colleagues.

The design of saunas and baths is developed using special software. Thanks to this, the customer can fully evaluate all the advantages of the project even before the start of its implementation.

As for the services directly, the company is ready to offer professional construction:

Russian and Turkish baths;

Finnish saunas;

salt rooms;




Customers have an official company’s official website: . Here you can find examples of implemented projects, as well as 3D visualization of hammams and Russian baths. The portal also presents detailed information about the services of the Elitsaunastroy organization and interesting articles with reviews of the most popular modern projects.

Experienced staff can realize an idea of ​​any complexity. The company provides an individual approach to each client, which helps optimize financial costs for the construction of a Turkish bathhouse.


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