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Installation of window blocks

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Technological progress is confidently moving forward. Windows made of wood were replaced by metal -plastic windows, as is commonly called Euro -Opens, from high -quality durable material and a high -strength profile structure.

Compared to wooden windows, in metal -plastic counterparts, by reducing the profile, the review increased.

The service life depends, the design of the construction of the structure.

Basically, the owners of residential premises are made for the installation of windows, the master makes the necessary measurements of the prepared opening. After which it sets the necessary additional fasteners. The installation of windows does not take as little time and not as simple as it seems at first glance. When installing, it is necessary to take into account every little thing.

With the help of a water level, the window is aligned, which will avoid distortions, attach an anchor plates to the profile, which I fix in the opening. Then the tints are installed. The gaps blow with mounting foam. At the end, the sash is hung and regulated, eliminating distortions and seals. Insert a double -glazed window and fixed with accessories.

To increase the service life, lubricate the elements in constant friction sites.

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