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Installation foam, use technology

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Working with mounting foam, it must be remembered that its exit depends on following the simple rules. The best way for storing foam cylinders is a vertical position. Otherwise, the valve distortion cannot be avoided, after which it will simply jam. Such a valve will not allow the foam to go out. Large temperatures are not suitable for storing such cylinders, in particular, over 25 degrees, which can cause an explosion of the cylinder. At the same time, low temperatures will cause the loss of working properties. If you are looking for a PPU shell for thermal insulation of pipelines, we advise you to go to the exiled link.

During the winding on the pistol, the bottom of the cylinder should be below. In this case, you can not be afraid of by, walls or clothes will be contaminated. During operation, the bottom of the cylinder should look up. In this case, the gas will cope faster with the displacement of the contents of the cylinder.

On the eve of using the cylinder, its temperature should not be less than 20 degrees. This temperature can be obtained by holding a cylinder in warm water, but in no case in boiling water.

The surfaces on which the foam is planned to be previously moistened. After applying foam, it must be sprinkled with water so that polymerization of foam occurs.

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