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How to choose a mixer

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It is difficult to do without a mixer in the kitchen or in the bathroom. This device is designed to mix two water flows with different temperatures in one, with an optimal temperature for a particular person. The comfort of water procedures in the bathroom or cooking process in the kitchen depends on the quality of the mixer.

By type of design of the mixer, they distinguish:

Two -wound mixers – provide mixing water flows due to the regulation of two taps, the most common type; It will not be superfluous to learn more about entering the SRO at leisure.

Single -leaf mixers – get more and more widespread in apartments, “remember” the settings and, at the next of turning on, give out approximately similar water temperature;

Electronic mixers – equipment with special sensors allows you to save water, “remember” settings (including several values), may include additional decorative functions (backlight).

The common materials for the manufacture of mixers are stainless steel, ceramics and plastic. Quite often there are mixers from brass or silumin. Most manufacturers additionally cover individual parts of the product with special spraying, chrome coating is of particular popularity.

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