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How to choose a temporary mobile building or cabinet

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How to choose a change house for yourself, what is their design and what varieties are there, this is what will be discussed in this article.

Varieties of everyday life

For the beginning, it should be clarified what the household is. A cabinet is a temporary mobile building that provides the most important needs for a person during the absence of better living conditions. Speaking about the mobility of such a building, it means that it can easily be transported to any place without special material costs. The use of households is quite diverse, most often they are used for housing, security posts, offices.

Castles should be divided into two groups:



Their main difference is the frame that is more reliable in metal households, because it is made of metal rolling. In turn, a wooden change house is more economical in costs. What material it will be made of, depends specifically on each consumer, taking into account what purpose it will serve, and how often it will be transported to another place.

You can still conditionally divide wooden households into summer cottages and construction. Country households are made of better material, lined with lining outside and inside. If you do not plan frequent transportation, then in this case, the change house can last a couple of decades. Therefore, if you do not plan to build buildings in a summer cottage, then a wooden change house will be the most acceptable option for you.

A construction house is most often built at various construction sites, and has a less attractive look, because it is intended to live workers during construction. Such a change house is less durable, because in it the emphasis is on functionality.

The most important disadvantage of everyday life is their size, which cannot be more than the vehicle that transports them. However, metal households solve this problem, because at the expense of a channel and corners, such buildings can be of various sizes. Such households are used to live hired personnel, food, rest. Since metal cabins are made to order, it is important to give accurate dimensions to the customer. The decoration of the room itself can be very diverse, but mainly customers highlight:

Orlit is one of the cheapest materials;

A wooden lining is a more expensive material, but more reliable;

PVC – sheathed for permanent residence;

MDF is the most expensive material that is used for lining office premises.

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