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How the double -glazed window is pulled out

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If your house has plastic plastic windows in Odintsovo, then the double -glazed window is part. Sometimes it happens that it becomes necessary to remove the double -glazed window in order to produce preventive maintenance or for its repair. In order to remove the double -glazed window correctly, it will be necessary to adhere to a certain sequence and rules. You should always remember that the double -glazed window is pulled out only when there is an acute need.

In order for you to easily get to the double -glazed window, you will immediately need to disassemble the window itself. To do this, you will need to disconnect the window sash from the window opening. Then you will have to remove the entire fittings, including the handles of your window, unscrew all the screws, and only after that you can pull out the double -glazed window itself.

If you also have the need to completely disassemble the double -glazed window, then you will need to safely proceed to the implementation of this task. Most often, the double -glazed window consists of two or more glasses, so you will need to remove each glass separately, as well as remove the water absorber that protects from the penetration of moisture inside the double -glazed window itself. The sealant itself, which is located near the aluminum frame, is also subject to removal.

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