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Free sale of cars was allowed in Cuba

by newsgary

In Cuba since 1959, a ban on the sale of cars for private individuals. The citizen who wanted to purchase a new or used car was supposed to first receive a special permission from the government for this. Such permissions could be obtained on the black market, but for very large amounts.

Half a year has passed since the abolition of this law, however, the boat of car sales did not follow. Only 50 new cars were sold. The state concentrated in its hands a monopoly on the sale of a car, so the prices of new cars are increased by 400% or more. For example, the small Peugeot 206 models costs almost 100 thousand dollars, and the price of 508 models will be even more than a quarter of a million dollars. Therefore, almost all of the sold cars were with mileage, the average price of them was $ 25,000. Many local car dealerships offer a car acceptance service for a commission.

Despite the cancellation of the law on the ban on the sale of cars to private individuals, for the vast majority of Cuba residents, buying their own cars still remained an unattainable dream. The average earnings in this country, for example, a state official, is only $ 20. Therefore, almost everyone who came to car dealerships, after watching the price list, went out in a state of shock.

The authorities promised that those funds that would be helped from sales of a car will go to improve the state of public transport.

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