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Control maximum and average voltage values ​​- excavator

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Control maximum and average voltage values

Do not reduce the time of change E. D. With. The generator in the idle mode, if, for example, when starting and braking the rotation drive, the current of the main circuit at the first points of start and inhibition reaches the maximum size, and then quickly decreases, or during the current diagram there are significant failures that appear as a result of swinging the bucket When the excavator rotates. In this case, the coefficient of negative connection should be increased so that the control system ensures the maintenance of the constancy of the main circuit in transition processes.

Recall that filling out the time-tock-top diagram in transition processes also depends on the factor of filling in the static characteristic, especially on the inclination of the incident area of ​​the static characteristic, and the latter ultimately depends on the reinforcement of the current node. Methods of changing the current feedback coefficient were considered in the previous paragraph.

Consider the methods for adjusting the time of changing e. D. With. generator in various control schemes. In control circuits with linear negative ligaments by the voltage of the generator, amplifiers in static and dynamic modes work on the linear part of their characteristics.

In these schemes, speed is regulated by changing the forcing coefficient of. With. management, t. e. negative generator voltage coefficient. Since filling in a static characteristic affects the speed of the control system, with an increase in the forcing coefficient, it is necessary to maintain the previous steepness of the falling area of ​​the static characteristics. With an increase in the forcing coefficient of. With. control of the maximum and average values ​​applied to the winding of the generator excitation in the transition process increases, and the time of transition processes is reduced.



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