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Combined windows

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Combined windows, unlike plastic or wooden, are made not from one, but from two or more materials. These windows were invented in order to combine the advantages of several materials and minimize their shortcomings. For this reason, combined windows have many advantages and advantages. In addition to the fact that they have very high strength characteristics, they still have excellent performance characteristics. Despite a fairly high price, they are gaining popularity.

The best materials for creating combined windows are aluminum, plastic, wood and copper. For example, windows that consist of wood and aluminum have a low cost, as well as excellent technical characteristics. In such windows, wooden parts are protected using metal linings. Of course, the cost of combined windows is slightly higher than simple wooden, but they are more durable and durable. Combined windows that have aluminum profiles have many advantages. These profiles can hold any glass. They protect wood from environmental influences, as well as from rotting. It’s very easy to care for these windows, as they are not required to color and restore them.

Combined windows made of aluminum and wood have two main designs. These are two -luxury and single -line constructions. The oneramous have a single binding, and the two -preservatives have a paired, and sometimes separate binding. There are windows that are finished with wooden layers in order to give them a beautiful view.

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