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Colombia turns old tires into green housing

by newsgary

Colombians suffer from garbage, earthquakes and lack of housing. But it occurred to them to combine a solution for all three problems in one excellent idea – the construction of innovative tire houses, which in a huge number are thrown right along the roads of the country.

Alexandra Posada is an eco-activist. She cares for nature and is very worried about a pile of rubber tires thrown along the roads of Colombia. But recently, she launched a project that will help save the country from this garbage, and even build new housing, which is so lacking in a number of population. Moreover, Alexandra herself will move to one of these houses.

The use of rubber tires with soil covered in them for the construction of houses is both environmentally friendly and safe. This construction method will allow the house to withstand earthquakes, which is very important for Colombian real estate.

About 5 million tires per year are thrown out in Columbia. These are thousands of tons of rubber that pollutes the country. Experts confirm that if nothing is done, the situation will be deplorable.

It is worth noting that Alexander uses not only thrown tires to build his own home. Here you can see old plastic and glass bottles from which a bath is laid out. A window in the roof is made of small glasses.

Several houses of tires are already being built in the region where Alexander lives. But she hopes that her technique will inspire more people, because it is not only more useful for the environment, but also cheaper than the usual construction of houses.

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