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Choosing a “correct” laminate

by newsgary

Not every of us can accurately choose a high -quality laminate for a moderate price. What you need to know and what to pay attention to, so that the choice is competent?

To begin with, the laminate should be repeated. At the same time, the main layer is made of moisture resistant material. So that the material is more resistant to water, a special polymer film is placed on this flooring. The thickest layer is medium, so the floor acquires its stiffness and strength. The third layer is a protective coating with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.5 mm. The base layer of the laminate guarantees resistance to the “burn” and the distribution of heat over the entire surface of the coating (for example, when the cigarette falls). The decorative part serves only for the laminate to look attractive, the additional function is to protect against scratches. So you can’t make complaints about this layer (there are only aesthetic considerations).

As it became clear from the above, the quality of the laminate (and its cost, respectively) directly depends on the thickness. But, in order not to overpay, take into account the following: the laminate is chosen correctly if not only its external characteristics were taken into account, but also the purpose of the premises where it is planned to be used. By the way, today the laminate is also divided into used in non -residential and residential premises. Manufacturers without fail indicate this information on their product. The best for today is Euroflooring laminate.

Now you know that when choosing a laminate, it is important to pay attention to its external components and the purpose of the place of use. Successful purchase!

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