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Choose a suitable roof

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Metal tile – it is used for a roof with a slope that starts from 15 degrees. This is a good universal material with the possibility of quick installation. So – its positive characteristics are slight weight and good strength. But there is a significant minus – this material is very booming, the floor must be placed on the soundproof material, and the more, the better.

Corrugated board – use various households for beds. buildings, but for the roof of houses it is also suitable. The necessary slope for him at least 10 degrees. Easy to install and has high strength. The minus is the same as that of the metal tile, high noise.

Slate can be laid on a roof that has a slope above 12 degrees. They are mainly covered with household. Buildings and garden houses. Cons – the ability to accumulate moisture, color loss, fragility. May over time be covered with moss. The pluses are small.

Ceramic tiles – used only for roof slope 25 – 60 degrees. Has a long service life and minimum expense during operation, fireproof, perfectly absorbs noise, good frost resistance. Used in stone and wooden construction. Cons – high price, fragility, very heavy.

Bitumen tile – lies on the roof, whose slope is from 12 degrees. The scope of use is extensive, from garages to cottages. Pluses lack of corrosion, silent, during transportation will not be damaged. Cons – loses color from sunlight, burns well.

Tiles cement – sandy, desired slope for use 20 -6 degrees. Suitable for both wooden houses and for stone houses. The pluses are a very high strength that is constantly growing, a huge selection of colors. Minus – very heavy.

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