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Cabinet door options. On a note.

by newsgary

Dozens of possible options for cabinet doors are available. However, factory models consisting of a frame and panel, roads, because they have a large size. You can assemble your own doors of this type, as settled in the second chapter, or use the option described in the fourth chapter. DSP doors with lining are inexpensive, but they look not very interesting. If you want something more or less pretty without the need to overpay, you can add decoration to the door panel.

Corner trim can not be done. This is a completely different story, and this requires a lot of effort and patience. As already mentioned at the beginning of the project, a more acceptable and inexpensive option is as follows – apply a end tape under a tree to all open edges.

As a horizontal tube for clothes, you can use a wooden bar with a diameter of 38 mm. But it is better to use a factory metal holder, which is easily installed. There are also many different accessories for the cabinet now, so you should look for interesting options in the nearest construction store.

Less expensive sheet materials can be used if you plan to paint the cabinet. If, for example, you need a cabinet in the basement, use MDF or chipboard with a thickness of 19 mm. Cover the cabinet with several layers of good paint, and you will have a great place to store clothes for any season.

And finally, the cabinet can be made suitable for you. I have a lot of free space, because my closet has a 1219 mm width (48 inches). However, this project can be performed with any dimensions that you need exactly.

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