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If you prefer a metal bath, then you should know a few disadvantages that it has. The first is the fact that water is gaining loudly into the bath. The second is the heat loss associated with rapid cooling. And the latter is that a metal bath must be installed before repairing in the bathroom.

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How to eliminate all these shortcomings? Let’s look at the points.

There is no noise insulation for baths in itself, but you can use Vibroisol for this purpose. It is sold at almost any hundred and is not so expensive. This material has an adhesive surface on one side. It needs to be attached to the bathroom. It is not necessarily over the entire surface in the places where water flows and along the bottom.

To avoid heat loss, the entire surface of the bathtub with a small layer is covered with construction foam. This will help maintain most of the heat. And the water will cool much less.

It’s okay that the bath is installed before finishing work, there is no. You just need to leave a gap of about 1-1.5 cm. from each side. This is that then it was possible to calmly put the tile.

Next, you should fix the bath and check all the drains. To do this, you need to dial a full bath of water and look at all the joints, is there any leak. If not, then you did everything right and the installation is finished on this.

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