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Audi showed the hybrid A6 L E-Tron at the Beijing Auto Show

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The Audi Auto Concert finally demonstrated the fruits of working on the technology of creating hybrid cars A6 L. The German automaker presented the A6 L E-Tron concept last Monday in Beijing at the Beijing Motor Show 2012 exhibition. The novelty can overcome 50 miles at a speed of 37 miles / h without the use of gasoline – on electricity. Lithium-ion batteries with liquid cooling feed a 95-horsepower electric motor. However, 211-horsepower turbocharged 2.A 0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine can be used at any time if the driver wants to accelerate, or if there is a need to move at long distances. The A6 L E-Tron hybrid can operate completely in an electric car mode, in a hybrid mode or in a gasoline car mode as necessary. Despite the fact that the A6 L E-Tron concept is currently technically only a test model for engineering research, Audi employees admit that this is what the Chinese version of the A6 hybrid sedan may look like this in the future.The salon offers customers the level of comfort and space that correspond to the external decoration A6 L. At the same time, the new dashboard and display with information about the car is transmitted by the technological machine. The display transfers data on the state of the battery and the radius of movement to the driver. Audi engineers also specially calibrated the sensory system for entering MMI data so that it could recognize 29,000 Chinese hieroglyphs.

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