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Audi plans to abandon low -profiles and create a flagship Q9

by newsgary

The famous German brand, famous for the whole world by the release of prestigious Audi cars, in official form confirmed plans regarding the development of the full -size flagship Crossover Q9.At the same time, the company refuted rumors, regarding the intention to show the world a city small -leaf under its logo based on VW Up.

As Rupert Stadler, who holds the post of chief executive director Audi, said in his interview with the British publication, there is no need to create a model less than A1.

The company is quite satisfied with the result of A1 sales – 120 thousand units, especially since all these are cars with a wide set of accessories and a high level of technical equipment that provide very good profit.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the SUV segment, Audi is sure that it should not be trifled with dimensions. Thus, the company’s plans include the creation of the latest flagship Crossover Q9, which will follow in the model range immediately after Q7.

At the same time, the Executive Director Audi does not leave confidence in the success of the company even, despite such a belated decision to create a luxurious top crossover.

By the way, to remind, Lamborghini and Bentley – subsidiaries VW, have long announced their upcoming plans for the creation of super – expensive newcomers of an off -road class class. The BMW with its X7 followed the same way, and Land Rover even managed to launch the flagship market with the elongated Range Rover base.

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